La Fundación Bernard van Leer es una organización donante internacional, con sede en La Haya (Países Bajos).

Nuestra misión es mejorar las oportunidades para los niños de hasta 8 años de edad que crecen en circunstancias sociales y económicas difíciles. Consideramos que esto constituye tanto un valioso fin en sí mismo como un medio a largo plazo para promover sociedades más cohesionadas, consideradas y creativas, con igualdad de oportunidades y de derechos para todos.

Noticias recientes desde la Fundación Bernard van Leer

In Memory of Peter Bell 07-04-2014

By Lisa Jordan, Executive Director, 7 April 2014

This weekend the universe shifted to make way for Peter Bell’s soul.

Peter served as a member of Bernard van Leer Foundation’s Board of Trustees for over a decade, ending his service just last June. We were so lucky! Peter brought commitment to the mission, wisdom to our deliberations and a moral clarity on all issues big and small. I personally will not only always remember him for this clarity, but will continually strive to exemplify it in my own life. Peter served young children through BvLF which was just one stop in a career of service oriented toward the greater good, from the youngest citizen to the eldest. Peter was a person who when he saw a good fight, got in it.

When I was first asked to join Bernard van Leer, Peter was part of the selection committee. He was a mentor to a number of people in senior positions at the Ford Foundation, all to whom I reported. I made the usual queries amongst my bosses and the stories came pouring out: how Peter had stood up to the CIA and saved a number of lives in Latin America while he served through a period of dirty wars; how Peter had forced the hand of the Reagan appointed neo conservatives at the Inter-American Foundation while he served there; how Peter had grown CARE; how Peter put principle before politics. Each story was larger than the last. Read more...

Una gran pérdida 07-04-2014

Con profunda tristeza comunicamos el fallecimiento del Sr Peter Bell, ex presidente de la Fundación Bernard van Leer y miembro del Consejo de Dirección del Grupo Van Leer, una gran persona, ejemplar e inspiradora.

Nuevo video de la campaña de Humara Bachpan en India 07-04-2014

Vea este video de animación de nuestra campaña Humara Bachpan en India. Esta es una campaña nacional centrada en asegurar espacios seguros y saludables para los niños pequeños que viven en entornos urbanos pobres.

Para más información sobre la campaña de Humara Bachpan visite su página en nuestro sitio web (en Inglés) .

The Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally 31-03-2014

The IOM/NRC Board on Children, Youth, and Families, in collaboration with the IOM's Board on Global Health, has established the Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally to engage in dialogue and discussion to connect the best science on how to support children's growth and development, including two-generation approaches, with practices and policies on the ground around the world. Forum activities will highlight the science and economics of integrated investments in young children living in low resourced regions of the world across the areas of health, nutrition, education, and social protection. Moreover, since women and girls are generally the main caregivers of young children globally and are key to children's access to health, education, nutrition and social protection, Forum activities and topics will address issues related to empowerment of women, such as reproductive health, economic opportunity, and access to quality child care and education programs.

'We have to start with good health of adolescent girls and prenatal care and continue through the early years.' - Joan Lombardi, Sr. Advisor, Bernard van Leer Foundation

Watch the video about the importance of investing in Young Children:


'Strong Foundations for 21st Century Skills? Start Early', Lisa Jordan's New Blog for The Huffington Post 18-03-2014

Read Lisa Jordan's new Blog for The Huffington Post

Even with youth unemployment at high levels, business leaders complain that they cannot find graduates with the right skills for the modern workplace. A new report from McKinsey published this month found that although almost a quarter of the young people across the European Union are unemployed, only 40 percent of employers feel confident that they can find enough skilled graduates to fill entry-level positions. A recent study of employers by the US-based Business Roundtable found that most employers in the US also struggle to recruit employees skilled in critical thinking, critical problem solving and teamwork. And a survey of adult skills from the OECD in 2013 found that only between 2.9% and 8.8% of adults demonstrate the highest level of proficiency on problem‑solving in technology‑rich environments in OECD countries.

In an attempt to close this gap, businesses typically build relationships with colleges, vocational schools, universities and high schools. However, new science is telling us this focus on secondary and tertiary education is misplaced. We need to tackle the problem much earlier - at primary and before. Read more...

Un conjunto de herramientas sobre primera infancia para donantes 12-03-2014

Ya está disponible el conjunto de herramientas Invest in a Strong Start: An Early Childhood Toolkit for Donors (Invertir en un inicio sólido: un conjunto de herramientas de la primera infancia para las organizaciones donantes), un material para ayudar a los donantes a identificar las inversiones en primera infancia que marcarán una diferencia, desarrollado por el Center for High Impact Philanthropy (Centro para una elevado impacto de Alto Impacto Filantropía) en colaboración con la Fundación Annie E. Casey. (Material disponible en inglés)

Para obtener más información, visite el sitio web.

La Asociación Internacional de Policía, por la primera infancia 24-02-2014

En la pasada Cumbre de los Líderes para el cumplimiento del Derecho Internacional (19- 23 octubre de 2013, en Filadelfia, EE.UU.), la Asociación Internacional de Jefes de Policía compartió experiencias sobre la forma de organizar a sus agentes para hacer cumplir la ley, en favor del desarrollo de la primera infancia y la prevención de la violencia. (Video disponible solo en inglés).


Por fin, el tema son los niños 14-02-2014

Por Lisa Jordan, Directora Ejecutiva, 14 de febrero de 2014

Anoche llegué a casa con el periódico de la tarde (NRC, para los neerlandeses), que lucía un gran titular en su primera página: "Plan de clases gratuitas para niños pequeños". En su interior, las noticias indicaban "Sin darse cuenta, aprenden matemáticas y neerlandés" y "Los niños se vuelven más listos cuando están juntos". Se me puso la piel de gallina.

Estaba exultante. Hace tres años, cuando comenzamos a pensar en cómo introducir la idea del aprendizaje para la primera infancia en los Países Bajos, un buen amigo mío con un fino olfato para la política y a quien habíamos reclutado para la causa, me dijo: "Este es un asunto de mujeres que nunca va a trascender a los titulares". ¡Pues bien! Nunca digas “nunca”. Leer más...

Report 'Building the Beta Brain' now available! 03-02-2014

The report 'Building the Beta Brain', following the seminar held in June 2013, is now available. This report focuses on the question why the Netherlands should invest in early (Beta) learning. You can download the report here.

Making a Difference: 2013 Year at a Glance 10-01-2014

It’s been another great year for the Bernard van Leer Foundation! Looking back at 2013 and all that we've accomplished, we would like to thank the people that made it all possible.

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