Women Inc talkshow ‘ Who will take care of the children’

The Bernard van Leer Foundation will be present at the Women Inc festival in Amsterdam on Sunday February 17th during the talk show 'Who will take care of the children? ' (WIE ZORGT ER VOOR DE KINDEREN?)

Children are our growth capital for the future. In the Netherlands most people seem to feel raising kids is the responsibility of the parents. And in practice its usually the mothers that take care of the children. Also, no mother will allow anyone else to take care of her children is she cannot be certain that care is of excellent quality.

Researchers are critical of the focus of the current daycare in the Netherlands. Daycare is more focused on quantity and safety than on quality and ambition in the crucial early years of our youngest citizens. What needs to happen to better stimulate the development of young children? How do we make raising children the business of the entire society? 

Participants include:

- Politicians: Manja Smits (SP), Keklik Yucel (PvdA), Linda Voortman (GroenLinks), Steven van Weyenberg (D66), Pieter Heerma (CDA) and Ockje Tellegen (VVD).

- Private sector representatives from Philips, PwC en Microsoft who will explain the role companies can play to support young children such as parental leave and flexible working hours.

- Experts: author Marilse Eerkens (Wat doen we met de baby/what do we do with the baby), Economists Janneke Plantenga and Bas ter Weel and Gjalt Jellesma, chairman of Boink, an organisation representing parents with children in childcare.

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