Principles of Good Practice

The Bernard van Leer Foundation follows the Principles of Good Practice developed by the European Foundation Center.

Principle 1: Compliance
Foundations comply with the laws of the state in which they are based, and act in accordance with their bylaws. They comply with the international and European conventions to which their country of residency is party.

Principle 2: Governance
Foundations have an identifiable decision-making body whose members and successors should be nominated in accordance with established principles and procedures, and act with the highest ethical standards.

Principle 3: Informed policies, operations and support programmes
Foundations define a clear set of basic policies and procedures specifying their mission, objectives, goals and related programmes and review these on a regular basis.

Principle 4: Stewardship: management and finance
Foundations promote efficient organisation and work while ensuring prudent and sustainable management, investment strategies and procedures, and use of resources for public benefit. Foundations ensure proper accounting/bookkeeping according to established rules in the state in which they are headquartered. They may complement such rules with additional measures on a voluntary basis.

Principle 5: Disclosure and communication
Foundations act in a transparent manner and comply with the regulations concerning transparency in force in the countries in which they operate. They may complement such regulations with additional measures on a voluntary basis.

Principle 6: Monitoring and evaluation
Foundations organise appropriate monitoring and regular evaluation of their action and programmes.

Principle 7: Cooperation
Foundations share their know-how and experience with peer organisations and other relevant stakeholders to advance good practice and cooperate whenever appropriate, to maximise their impact in their respective fields of activity.

From time to time concerns arise about grants, staff and partners. If you have a concern about Bernard van Leer Foundation, any of our partners or staff, please contact the following people:

All concerns will be handled in a confidential manner. Legal matters which may arise during the course of investigation may be shared with the appropriate Dutch authorities or referred to local authorities in the country concerned.

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