Board of Trustees

The fiduciary responsibility for fulfilling the vision and mission of the Foundation, as laid down in the Articles of Association, resides with the Board of Trustees. The Board's oversight role includes appointing the Executive Director, evaluating his performance, and approving the strategic plans and the annual financial and operational plans. The Board meets at least four times per year.

The Board of Trustees is currently composed of eight members. The Board appoints its own members, who serve a maximum of three 4-year terms. The members of the Board of the Bernard van Leer Foundation are also on the Board of the Van Leer Group Foundation.

Robert Swaak Yarom Ariov Win Borgdorff Steven Kaempfer

Robert Swaak (chair)

Yarom Ariav

Wim Borgdorff

Steven Kaempfer

Jonathan Kestenbaum Julia Neuberger Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker Sam Worthington

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Julia Neuberger

Jacqueline Tammenoms

Sam Worthington


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