The Bernard van Leer Foundation is a private grant-making foundation. Our mission is to improve opportunities for children up to age 8 who are growing up in socially and economically difficult circumstances. We see this both as a valuable end in itself and as a long-term means to promote more cohesive, considerate and creative societies with equal opportunities and rights for all. 

Latest news from the Bernard van Leer Foundation

‘Kinderen in Tel’ shows Child poverty in the Netherlands is growing mainly outside of the big cities 13-03-2014

The number of children in the Netherlands growing up in families on social welfare has increased by more than ten percent. Many poor children live outside the major cities. These facts are the results of the study ‘Kinderen in Tel 2014’ (Children Count 2014) over the period 2009 until 2012. This research illustrates the living conditions of children in municipalities, based on eleven indicators from the UN Convention. The different organizations that together form ‘Kinderen in Tel’, amongst them the Bernard van Leer Foundation, strongly advise municipalities to have a poverty policy in which children are centralized. This is an important tool to improve the living conditions of these children and to guarantee their rights.

For more information and the complete research, please check out the website of ‘Kinderen in Tel’. (in Dutch)

Invest in a Strong Start: An Early Childhood Toolkit for Donors is launched! 12-03-2014

A new toolkit is launched! Invest in a Strong Start: An Early Childhood Toolkit for Donors, developed by The Center for High Impact Philanthropy in partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, is a new toolkit designed to help donors more easily identify investments that will truly make a difference in early childhood in the U.S.

For more information, check out the website.

The International Law Enforcement Leaders’ Summit 24-02-2014

Watch this video from the “International Law Enforcement Leaders’ Summit", held on October 19-23, 2013 in Philadelphia, USA. At this summit the international association of chiefs of police shared experiences about how to organize law enforcement officials in favour of early childhood development and violence prevention:


Finally it’s About the Kids 14-02-2014

By Lisa Jordan, Executive Director, 14 February 2014

Last night I came home to the evening newspaper (NRC for those who are Dutch) with a big front page headline ‘’Plan for Free Lessons for Toddlers’’. Inside the newspaper the stories read ‘’Secretly, They are Learning Math and Dutch’’ and ‘’Children Get Smarter When They are Together’’. The hair immediately rose on my arms.

I was overjoyed. Three years ago when we were beginning to think about how to introduce the idea of early learning into the Netherlands, a good friend with a strong political nose recruited to the cause told me ‘’this is a soft women’s issue that will never make headline news’’. Ha! Never say never. Read more...

Report 'Building the Beta Brain' now available! 03-02-2014

The report 'Building the Beta Brain', following the seminar held in June 2013, is now available. This report focuses on the question why the Netherlands should invest in early (Beta) learning. You can download the report here.

Making a Difference: 2013 Year at a Glance 10-01-2014

It’s been another great year for the Bernard van Leer Foundation! Looking back at 2013 and all that we've accomplished, we would like to thank the people that made it all possible.

Happy Holidays! 23-12-2013

Please note that the Bernard van Leer Foundation office will be closed during the Holiday season. We are back in the office again on Thursday January 2nd, 2014.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Video: second Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years (New York) 18-12-2013

Watch this video to see the results of the second Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years (held in July 2013 in New York), supported by the Bernard van Leer Foundation. The focus of this second meeting was: propose improved workforce-preparation systems by better understanding changes in instructional practice, teacher preparation and curricula that have been successful in engaging children from migrant and low-income families. The next Forum will be held in Lisbon, from January 20th – 22nd, 2014.

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